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Soccer stats and more...

QlikTech's launched a Web-based analysis tool with info on all the World Cup teams and players, including goals, penalties, team rosters and more.

Qlik It

Normally we'd run a mile from a press release from a business intelligence software company, but seeing as we're suckers this week for all things related to the FIFA World Cup, this one caught our eye.

Cashing in on soccer mania, business intelligence specialist QlikTech has released something they've decided to name Kick It, Qlik It, Love It. It's a Web-based analysis tool that will be a haven for sports stats junkies as it provides information on all the World Cup teams and players, including goals, penalties, team rosters, the history of the game and tidbits about each nation involved in the World Cup. The application will be updated progressively as tournament matches are played. Kick It draws data from a variety of public Web sources and claims to showcase the capabilities of QlikView, QlikTech's business analysis tool.

Footy tragics and those trying to get a leg up in the office sweep can access the site at And if you fall in love with playing with business analysis tools, you can contact QlikTech's Australian Solutions Partner, Inside Info.