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Soap on a rope? Nope, it's a mouse

Elecom's new Soap mouse is a funky pointing device that looks like a bar of soap. Just don't take it in the shower with you.


Japanese perhipherals maker Elecom has a new mouse out that's sure to appeal to germaphobes.

The M-SP1UR Soap optical mouse is a basic three-button USB pointing device that's meant to resemble a rounded bar of soap. Heck, it even says "SOAP" on it.

Just don't take it in the shower.

Osaka-based Elecom is releasing it in yellow, white, and black (black is a common soap color in Japan; it's made from bamboo charcoal) in October with a list price of about $23. It comes with 30- or 60-inch USB cables.

I guess part of the novelty for the Japanese is that the word "soap" appears on the mouse (if you're interested in how English is used in marketing in Japan, one of the best sites around is

After all, the Soap mouse has no germ-killing properties like Samsung's N310 Netbook.

I'd love to trade in my old Elecom mouse, purchased years ago in Tokyo's Akihabara district and now almost entirely covered with a filthy patina, for a Soap.

At least it would remind me to give it a regular scrubbing.

(Via Akihabara News)