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So you want to contribute to an open source project? Tristan Rhodes gives you 10 ways

Ever wonder what roles there are in open source communities? Tristan Rhodes lists 10.

I just finished reading Tristan Rhodes' "The 10 roles in an open source community" and recommend it to anyone wanting to get better insight into how open source communities are shaped, and how you can get involved.

In particular, as someone who doesn't know how to code, I appreciated learning that even a non-developer like I can contribute as a translator (given that i speak French):

One of the coolest things about open source communities is that they are international. This means that your users will understand many different languages. Therefore, the more languages that you support, the larger your user base will be. Modern tools like Rosetta provide a simple web-interface that allows anyone to be a translator, regardless of technical ability.

Tres bien! Je le ferais!