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So where is the 8GB iRiver Clix?

The 8GB iRiver Clix is not available yet--but it will be.


It's coming, I swear. I've gotten several e-mails lately asking about the status of the 8GB version of the iRiver Clix, most of them concerned that its existence on the site was a mistake. Apparently, iRiver customer service has responded to individuals stating that they "don't make an 8GB version." Well, it's not available yet, but it will be. My contacts have confirmed that the device will go on sale in the States sometime "this summer," once iRiver has perfected the Rhapsody DNA integration. Apparently, the company wants to launch the 8GB Clix with co-branded packaging. No word on whether there will be any design tweaks, such as the red band shown in the Clixhere image pictured here. Regardless, the gist is this: if you want an 8GB Clix, hold out for a couple more months--it's a-comin'!