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So much for those Beatles iPod rumors

But we have the GTA Coke ad for you!

By now you know it: one, Peyton Manning is pretty fantastic; and two, there was no big announcement from Apple last night involving the Beatles. No "Beatles Edition" widescreen iPod, no Fab Four tunes in the iTunes Music Store, nada. Guess we can file that one under "unsubstantiated Mac rumors."

The ad everyone's talking about, according to the similarly disappointed Cult of Mac, is the Coca-Cola spot that spoofed Grand Theft Auto. Kind of reminded me of that South Park episode where half the action took place in World of Warcraft. So, here it is; maybe watching it will erase some of the bitterness about Steve Jobs failing you.

UPDATE: Speak of the devil--no announcement has been made concerning the availability of Beatles songs on iTunes, but Apple just announced this morning that its longstanding feud with the similarly-named Beatles record label appears to be over.