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So here's an engineer quitting her job in a Super Bowl ad

GoDaddy's promised live quitter is machine engineer Gwen Dean. She has set up a puppet business.

They quit. GoDaddy screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Monday will, no doubt, be full of interviews with Gwen Dean's boss, Ted.

Or, rather, her former boss.

It was Dean, a machine engineer, who turned out to be GoDaddy's promised quitter.

So there she was during the second half of a flaccid game, trying to perk it up with John Turturro at her side.

She stared into the camera and said: "Hi, Ted. I quit."

Clearly, she'd rehearsed for some time. One of her hands was covered by a puppet, who joined in her message, the finale of which was "Ciao, baby."

The business she has created is On that site, she reveals that she has "manufactured a whopping 65 million gallons of chilled water over my 18-year career operating large tonnage refrigeration machinery."

Please forgive my marginal skepticism, but I cannot believe that Ted didn't know.

If she'd worked at his company for 18 years, someone must have known things were amiss. People talk.

I wonder if he's already chosen her replacement.