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Snow blankets social media

Social Cues: Also trending across Facebook and Twitter are National Pizza Day and basketball star Stephen Curry.


Winter Storm Niko is burying the Northeast.

As the snow streams down, weather-related tweets are rising to the top of trending topics on Twitter. On Facebook, people are hoping the skies will clear up by Friday for a rare combination of comet and lunar eclipse.

Social Cues is our look at what people are talking about across social media. Here is what's trending on Facebook and Twitter:

#SnowStorm: A massive storm is blasting across the northeast US on Thursday morning, taking over several top trending topics on Twitter. #SnowStorm sits at the top, while Northeast has over 25,000 tweets as a trending topic and CLOSED has more than 149,000 tweets, related to all the schools, roads and airports shut down. Up to a dozen states and more than 50 million people from West Virginia to Maine are affected by the winter storm and blizzard warnings. New York is expecting up to two inches of snowfall an hour up until 6 p.m. ET.

#NationalPizzaDay: February 9 marks the day when cheese-tomato-triangle lovers honor the almighty pizza -- the delight of children's parties, college all-nighters and weirdoughs everywhere. On Twitter, #NationalPizzaDay is trending, as well as the debate over #ThePerfectPizza. As far as toppings go, I think we can all agree anchovies are terrible and pineapple is fantastic, right?

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory: If your skies are clear Friday night, be sure to look up. A lunar eclipse, a comet and three planets will be visible. The comet will be the closest of any comet in the last 30 years, though Earth will be at a relatively safe distance of 7.4 million miles. On Facebook, NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab is trending as the source of the celestial news.

Mike Tirico: After 25 years as the voice of NBC's Olympics, Bob Costas is stepping down and handing the host title over to Mike Tirico. Tirico, who joined NBC in July, has handled football play-by-play, along with hosting the US Open and the Ryder Cup. The commentator is trending on Twitter as he prepares to take over the Olympics host position next year.

Stephen Curry: The Golden State Warriors MVP is taking shots at Under Armour's CEO, Kevin Plank. After Plank called President Trump an "asset" to the US, Curry blasted the CEO and recommended he remove the "-et" from his description. The Warriors sharpshooter is trending on Facebook for his comments, as fans support him for standing up to Under Armour, with which he has a contract.

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