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Snow Leopard update fixes Adobe Flash issue

The first update for Apple's new operating system, a relatively minor one, includes a new version of Adobe's Flash Player plug-in and some compatibility improvements.

Apple on Thursday released a relatively minor update for Mac OS X Snow Leopard that fixes an issue users had with the operating system that downgraded them to an older version of Adobe Systems' Flash Player.


When Apple released Snow Leopard on August 28, it included an older version of Adobe's Flash plug-in that was known to have security issues. Sophos security expert Graham Cluley warned users of the downgrade and urged anyone who installed the operating system to upgrade immediately.

Snow Leopard 10.6.1 addresses this issue by updating the Flash Player plug-in to version, the most current, stable release from Adobe.

While that is the big news for Apple's first Snow Leopard update, the company did include some minor fixes as well. The new version includes improved compatibility with Sierra Wireless 3G modems and addresses an issue that caused some DVDs to stop playback.

Printer compatibility has been improved, and so has the automatic account setup in Apple's Mail application. An issue that affected Motion 4 becoming unresponsive has also been fixed.

Mac OS X 10.6.1 can be downloaded from Apple's support Web site or via the software update mechanism in Mac OS X.