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Snow Leopard: Sort your Expos� windows

Learn how to sort your windows in Exposé to increase your workflow organization.

In this quick hint, you can learn how to sort your active windows using Snow Leopard's Exposé to help increase your workflow organization. After activating Exposé (by opening the Exposé application or using the F3 or F9 keys), users have the ability to reorder the application windows, either by application or alphabetically (based on the name of the window).

Unlock the power of Exposé:

  • To organize your Exposé windows alphabetically by window name, press (Command +1).
  • To organize your Exposé windows by application, press (Command +2).
  • You can also focus and shuffle through applications by pressing the (Tilde) or (Tab) keys. Using the (Command + Tab) keyboard shortcut will bring up the application bar. Once you select one of the applications, it will focus on that application but remain in Exposé mode.
  • You can also use the letter keys to select the window name (in alphabetical order) that begins with the corresponding letter key. Once your window is highlighted, you can use the (Space Bar) to zoom in on your window.

For more on Exposé, check out this video from Apple about Exposé basics. How does using Exposé increase your workflow productivity and organization? Let us know in the comments!

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