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SnorePro: Get better sleep laying next to a snorer

Biomedical device maker HBI releases the first snore prevention device that automatically nudges snorers to prevent continuous snoring.

If you happen to have to sleep next to a snorer, there's now hope. And it runs with batteries.

HBI, a maker of biomedical devices, on Tuesday introduced a new device, called SnorePro, that can keep you from being awakened by snores. It's a small wrist-worn device that a snorer wears when going to bed. The device uses HBI's proprietary Dynamic Snore Detection technology to detect snores and gently issue a programmable digital pulse to prevent snoring.


HBI--which not long ago came out with an acupressure wristband to induce sleep--claims the digital pulse functions much like a spouse nudging his or her snoring bedmate. Over time, this trains the body of the snorer to change sleep positions to eliminate the snoring.

According to statistics, bedmates of snorers lose an average of one hour of sleep per night because of snoring. The stimulation may disturb the snorer but helps their bedmates sleep as they won't have to nudge the snorer anymore.

The SnorePro features a built-in LCD screen that displays snore history and allows users to track their improvements over time. Other than that, it can also help identify and address external factors such as sleep position or consumption of alcohol/cigarettes, which are often the causes of increased snoring.

The device offers an adjustable threshold of snore intensity (measured in decibels) filtered against any background ambient noises. This allows the unit to adapt to the sleepers' environment without triggering a fault pulse.

The SnorePro will be available soon for $119.99. During the initial three-month launch period, however, it will be sold at a discounted price of $99.99.