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SnoopDogg takes to Instagram to insult LeBron

Not everyone is enamored of LeBron James' return to Cleveland. SnoopDogg holds, um, Kobe Bryant up as a better ideal.

Twisted logic? DrewKiddMusic/Twitter screenshot by Chris MatyszczykCNET

You have probably been on a defibrillator for the last 24 hours.

It's not merely that LeBron James decided to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. It's that, despite being a spokesman for tech companies such as Samsung and Beats, he ignored the advice of King Data, aka Nate Silver.

James' decision, though, is something few data types can grasp. It was made from emotion, rather than the dull impulses of rationality.

There is one famous personality, though, who responded equally emotionally to James's homecoming. SnoopDogg immediately took to Instagram to chide James.

He posted an image of Kobe Bryant, originally crafted by DJ @drewkiddmusic.

Why would Bryant be relevant at a time like this? Well, the image was accompanied by the words: "I Never Left."

Some might muse that it's quaint to think of a Philadelphia boy like Bryant being loyal to his LA home.

One might also wonder how many times Bryant threatened to leave LA, only to be talked into staying by one silver tongue or another.

To publicly sniff at James' loyalty seems a touch much, especially from SnoopDogg, who's proved to have the odd fickle tendency himself.

Why, he even changed his name to SnoopLion for four or five minutes.

Still, this Instagram image has garnered almost 67,000 Likes.

You see, this is the art of so-called trolling. You must occupy the higher moral ground. You must be have certainty and righteousness on your side.

Failing that, you just have to hope you get away with it.