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Snoop Dogg joins Instagram to get his social-photo shizzle on

iPhone photo-sharing app Instagram has signed up more than a million users, and now it's attracting celebs. Snoop Dogg is now posting his filtered snapshots.

iPhone app Instagram has more than 1 million users sharing their filtered photos with friends. At least one of them is a major celebrity too -- Snoop Dogg.

That's right: the US rapper is posting pics using Instagram, which he's also tweeting to his nearly 2.5 million followers on Twitter. Admittedly, he's only posted two photos so far, as TechCrunch points out, but he's already attracted more than 800 fans on Instagram.

What's more, Snoop -- or, perish the thought, whoever is doing this for him -- is making full use of Instagram's filters to make his snaps look good.

That's probably a good thing: it seems it might be tied into one of his sponsorship deals, with energy drink Blast. His first Instagram pic is a moody shot of Snoop clutching a can. It's no Thunder Muscle, but then what is?

As far as we're aware, Snoop is the first celeb to get on Instagram, although major brands such as CNN, National Geographic, Playboy and Pepsi are all on the service, sharing pics with their punters. It's becoming just another social-media channel for them, alongside Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and (in some cases) Foursquare.

If there's a hot new social app, chances are people will be trying to sell stuff on it, although with varying degrees of intrusiveness. At least with celebrities like Snoop Dogg, there's the (slim) hope that you'll see some exclusive backstage shenanigans if you follow him for long enough.

Consider our nizzles thoroughly shizzled, anyway, as long as he doesn't just post a string of spampics for Blast.