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SNL shows best sexual couplings of gadgets

"We're Going to Make Technology Hump" is a touching feature that brings together perfect sexual relations between different gadgets. A Droid and a digital camera, for example. Or an iPad and a Xbox controller.

It's Monday, all the more reason to offer you a little fantasy to help you through what might be a difficult week.

So please lean back a little and make sure there's no one close by whom you might accidentally nudge with a flinging arm or head. For I am going to show you gadgets having sex with each other.

You see, on Saturday, the kind and thoughtful folks at "Saturday Night Live" decided that given gadgets' new societal podium of sexual desirability, they should be shown having sex.

No, this is not pornography. There is foreplay.

Within these three minutes, you will see a Droid and a digital camera getting it on.

You will see an iPad removing lace panties after offering an Xbox controller "a lifetime of love."

You will see presenters Emma Stone and Andy Samberg--yes, he who plays Mark Zuckerberg on a good day-- introducing all sorts of gadget relationships that you had never imagined, or at least never thought possible.

There's some interesting and moving dialogue too.

I can only hope that the knowledge of what a GPS and a curling iron are capable of doing together will send your mind into paroxysms of joy and flights of rare fantasy.

In technology, you see, anything is possible--if you just keep an open mind.