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SNL parody of 'The Force Awakens' says the Force has gotten old

A forgetful and possibly senile Han Solo? Leia forgot how to program R2-D2? This "Saturday Night Live" parody trailer for "The Force Awakens" shows how our heroes have aged over 30 years.

By now you're probably "Force Awakens" parodied out. We've seen a Lego trailer, a George Lucas version, one inspired by and a slew of trailers that imagined what it'd look like if Wes Anderson, Michael Bay or Mel Brooks had directed the teaser for next year's "Star Wars" sequel.

One thing missing from many of those versions of the trailer were some of our favorite stars from the original trilogy who are reprising their roles for "The Force Awakens," 32 years on. A new parody from the folks at "Saturday Night Live" looks at how well Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo have aged over the years, and what we might expect from these characters in "The Force Awakens."

Han Solo, it seems, still frequents cantinas around the galaxy, but when he's confronted by the stormtrooper from the actual trailer, it's clear Solo has gotten a bit hard of hearing. "What?" he says, after the stormtrooper repeats three times that he's looking for Luke, a puzzled look on his face. Leia isn't faring much better, and after putting on her readers to get a closer look at R2-D2, realizes she has completely forgotten how to program her trusty droid.

On the bright side, Luke has a pretty awesome lightsaber now, but it doubles as a walker. Maybe he'll surprise us by slashing up a few Sith lords with his trusty lightwalker.

(Via The Awesomer)