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SNL parodies Stranger Things with a twist of politics

Comedy show's video mocks the episode-title release video Netflix revealed in December.

Saturday Night Live was a rerun Saturday night, but the show's Twitter account tweeted out a short video parodying Netflix's Stranger Things and promising some juicy skits coming on upcoming Weekend Update episodes.

The SNL video revealed the politically charged titles, Trump's Gambit, The Giuliani Debacle, Who Framed Roger Stone, The Kushner Paradox, Martin Luther King Day Is Cancelled, Return of the Tax Returns, The Case of the Invisible Wall, Mueller's Last Stand, Escape to Argentina and Are We All In The Upside Down? At the end, the familiar red letters in the familiar Stranger Things font came together to read, Weekend Update 2019.

The video will look familiar to those who watched a very similar video Stranger Things put out in December. That video revealed season 3 episode titles for the show.

It seems unlikely that the SNL titles are for real sketches, since Weekend Update skits play off the news of the day and likely aren't written that far in advance. But the video manages to deftly spoof the Stranger Things video and make some political jokes in the process.

The next new SNL will air Jan. 19, and features Rachel Brosnahan as host and Greta Van Fleet as musical guest.