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SNL mocks the death of Jon Snow on 'Game Of Thrones' (spoilers)

Technically Incorrect: Somehow, you have to laugh at the death of Jon Snow, because, well, you know.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Jon Snow's body lies a-moldering on the slab.

NBC screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

If you don't know, please look away now.

If you do know, please put down that mantelpiece ornament.

You're just a little upset.

It's only "Game Of Thrones." It matters even less than Volkswagen adverts.

I know this because "Saturday Night Live" decided to cock a snook at the interminable saga of Jon Snow's death.

Or, depending on your perspective and knowledge, apparent death.

Here he lies on a slab, while SNL's cast manage very passable third-rate English actor accents.

"We have giants, we have dragons, we have Quidditch," encourages Brie Larson, in a very passable first-rate American actor accent.

She wants everyone to hurry up and bring Snow back to life so that there can be some, well, action.

So what if Quidditch isn't actually in "Game Of Thrones." It might as well be, given how slowly this is going.

Enter Melisandre. Played by Kate McKinnon, she tries to speed things up. But magic works at its own pace.

Until you say "abracadabra," that is.

For those who adore "Game Of Thrones," I hope that the sudden plot (non-)surprise is working for you.

For those who think "Game Of Thrones" is like a fantasy novel written by a loan adjuster on his commute, perhaps at least this SNL skit made you laugh.