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SNL mocks Google Glass (because, well, who isn't?)

Somehow, the group of those who feel Google Glass is a touch pointless is growing. Saturday Night Live's Fred Armisen and Seth Myers are the latest.

So very stylish. NBC Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When someone tries to shove progress in your face, it can be disconcerting.

When someone tries to shove progress on your face, they might not have imagined that your face is a little more precious than they thought.

Recently, the chorus of those who believe that Google Glass might go the way of other seemingly clever inventions like the Segway has become greater than the choir behind an "American Idol" finalist.

Inevitably, perhaps, "Saturday Night Live" thought this would be the perfect time to offer its own shot in the eye.

So here is Fred Armisen wearing Google Glass and Seth Meyers trying to stop himself from laughing.

Armisen's movements are akin to someone whose drug use or genetic makeup has rendered him incapable of even minimal physical control.

There's the constant repetition of the password, too. In this case, "peacock."

The constant compulsion to use head gestures to mimic the actions that he wants Glass to make render Armisen's character -- supposed tech expert Randall Meeks -- someone whom children would cross the street to avoid.

Then the porn appears, too late to be masked.

As a fashion statement, Google Glass is currently: "Oh, dear. Did they let him out for the day?"

Moreover, in the midst of slightly dorkish excitement over a new technological form, few have focused on what activities Google Glass actually enhances.

There seem fewer than meet the eye.