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'SNL' laughs at Verizon confusing 'old people'

To LTE or not to LTE? Verizon mocks Verizon's ad that make no sense whatsoever to real, forlorn human beings.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

This might be news to some, but not everyone knows what 4G LTE means.

Not everyone thinks in terms of footprints or tethering either. Especially if they're over 16.

So "Saturday Night Live" decided to target Verizon's enthusiasm for terminology in ads offering 4G LTE. Whatever that is. (The video may not be visible should you live across oceans the other side of the U.S.)

I am grateful to the Verge for sitting up late to witness the joy of a poor customer who ends up being more confused than a raccoon in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Four seconds for a song? One hour for a movie? To download? To, um, watch? One hour? 15 seconds for a Power Point? And there's a Droid Sideboard Tablet?

The more the salesman talks, the more the customer is confused. In short, "it's a nightmare for an old person."

I have a difficult suspicion that it isn't just old people who don't understand these things. Younger people are better at covering it up and then going home and asking their Facebook friends what they should do.