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On SNL, Trump gets trumped on Russian hacking

Commentary: Inevitably, Saturday Night Live mocks Donald Trump's press conference. Inevitably, Vladimir Putin infiltrates it too.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Alec Baldwin's Trump-resentations can get hairy.

‚ÄčSaturday Night Live/Screenshot by CNET

The writers at "Saturday Night Live" must have thought long and hard about which aspects of the week's happenings they should focus on.

In the end, as often happens, political humor won the day. By a landslide.

The show's opening skit offered a re-enactment of President-elect Trump's press conference.

As you may recall, Wednesday's press conference -- Trump's first in six months, coming less than two weeks before he's sworn in as the 45th president -- featured stacks of manila folders, a guest appearance by a tax attorney, testy interchanges with some members of the press and a pledge by Trump to have a "major report on hacking defense" within 90 days.

So here we had Alec Baldwin, SNL's regular Trump stand-in, manhandling the press as only he knows how. And as only Trump knows how, too.

The show's press conference re-enactment meandered along issues such as performers for the inauguration this coming Friday and the separation of Trump from his businesses.

Until finally we got to the hacking. You know, the one in which nefarious Russians allegedly inserted themselves into the Democratic National Committee's computers in order to insert Trump as president.

Pestered to say out loud that Russia hacked the election, Baldwin's Trump struggled before finally getting there. But then a topless journalist stood up to ask a question. He sounded remarkably Russian and bore an astonishing resemblance to Vladimir Putin.

He claimed to be CNN's Wolf Blitzer. But this was clearly a black sheep in Wolf's clothing. For he asked Trump if he was sure -- really, really sure -- that the hackers were Russians.

Suddenly, Trump wasn't sure whether it was China, Canada or Meryl Streep who was behind the hacking.

Well, at least he didn't accuse Mexican entertainers.