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Sneak peek: LG's latest Black Label phone

With an official announcement looming we take a sneaky peek at the latest Black Label phone from LG.

The next Black Label -- and we're not talking whiskey here -- front and back

LG looks set to return to the sexy slider set with the imminent announcement of its third Black Label handset.

After the success of the first Black Label phones, the Chocolate and the Shine, it's no surprise LG intends to expand this series of handsets with an as-yet unnamed device. The phone (pictured) has been making the rounds at recent trade shows and, according to AVING, LG are gearing up for an official announcement for European markets on the 24th of April.

This latest Black Label looks to be very similar to the Shine in its form factor, and will apparently include carbon fibre elements in the back plate. LG are also touting this handset as the slimmest 5-megapixel phone on the market, which is no mean feat considering the slimline Samsung G600.

When contacted, LG had no information regarding a release date or pricing for this handset in Australia.