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Snaptu: Making the mobile Web look good

If your mobile phone's Web browser makes you feel like you've travelled back in time, try Snaptu, a clever Java app that gives you iPhone-style apps

Unless you've got a high-end smart phone, chances are your experience of the mobile Web is pretty shabby. That said, there are solutions, such as Opera Mini and Snaptu. While Opera Mini offers you much improved Web browsing, Snaptu combines a snazzy iPhone-like interface with RSS feeds, social networking and other Web services to bring you the Web in a mobile-friendly form.

Snaptu isn't a Web browser: it works more like the iPhone's app system, in the sense that it displays icons you can press that link up to Web services. The services range from TFL's Tube status to weather updates and you can add or remove the apps you need very easily. Snaptu isn't a new idea, but it looks great and works really well, in part because all the hard work is done by the Snaptu servers rather than your phone.

Recently Snaptu added Twitter to its apps library -- there's also a Facebook app that gives you access to your inbox and allows you to reply to messages. Rather than go on about how good Snaptu is though, we suggest you try it out by visiting the Snaptu download page, or using your phone's Web browser and going to, where you will automatically be prompted to download it to your phone.