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Wearable Tech

Snapkeys launches QWERTY keyboard for round Android Wear smartwatches

Furiously peck out messages and emails on your smartwatch with Snapkeys' digital keyboard.


Snapkeys' keyboard on a round smartwatch.


Keyboard developer Snapkeys has updated its QWERTY keyboard for Android Wear smartwatches to accommodate round watch faces.

Its original keyboard, for square-shaped wearables, launched in March. Both keyboards work by using the QWERTY keyboard layout. The keyboard is divided into six sections, and predictive technology is designed to let users type messages quickly.

In the earlier years of smartwatches, wearables usually had square faces. However, a number of popular smartwatches these days sport a circular design, such as the Motorola Moto 360 (2015), the Huawei Watch and the Samsung Gear S2. For a look at the Snapkeys keyboard in action, check out the video below.