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Snapchat's moving emojis are the latest quirky craze

With "3D stickers," Snapchat users can pin emojis to moving objects. The app also finds itself in hot water over a Bob Marley face filter. Meanwhile, Viber adds end-to-end encryption in its messaging app.

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So, how long before Facebook copies Snapchat's moving emojis?

Emojis are coming to life in the Snapchat app. A new feature can ​pin the icons to moving objects in videos. The app tends to be edgy when it tries new video effects, but one filter is being criticized for being half-baked. Watch CNET Update to learn why a Bob Marley face filter is stirring up controversy, and get a lesson in how to create 3D stickers.

Moving emojis may be fun, but encryption is a bigger topic these days in messaging apps. Viber is rolling out end-to-end encryption to protect the chats for its 700 million users. The change comes as today's largest tech companies join forces to speak out against an anti-encryption bill being worked on in the US Senate.

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Snapchat brings emoji to life with 3D stickers