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Snapchat wants to make sure you're registered to vote

Sept. 25 is National Voter Registration Day -- and tech companies are getting involved.

Snapchat shows off its steps to get you registered.


Now you can send a selfie to your streaks, and then register to vote.

On Tuesday, Snapchat announced a new tool that helps you register to vote within the Snapchat app. Just go to your User Profile page and you'll see a link to register to vote. You'll also see a new video message from Team Snapchat, which shows off filters you can use to spread awareness about registering to vote.

The Snapchat link will bring you to TurboVote, a nonprofit organization that'll help you register if you haven't already.

Sept. 25 is National Voter Registration Day and a handful of tech companies are working to get people registered. On Monday, Twitter announced that it was putting a registration prompt into people's Twitter timelines. Google is also getting in on the action with its own links to register and a dedicated Google Doodle. Reddit, too, has a pop-up message linking to