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Snapchat surpasses Facebook in photo uploads

Users at Snapchat now upload around 400 million photo and video messages daily.


Snapchat users may be snapping past their Facebook counterparts when it comes to uploading photos.

A Snapchat represenative told CNET on Tuesday that the site now processes 400 million snaps per day. That jibes with information given earlier to Business Insider. In contrast, Facebook users upload around 350 million photos per day, Business Insider said, citing a source at Facebook.

But the comparison isn't apples to apples. Among the 400 million snaps, 88 percent of those were sent by Snapchat members to one single recipient, according to a tweet from the company. That figure also includes both photo and video messages.

CNET contacted Snapchat for comment and will update the story when the company responds.

Still, photo messages that vanish after being viewed remain the site's core function, according to Business Insider. Snapchat also has a much smaller number of users than does Facebook.

But Facebook is also the parent of Instagram, which scores around 55 million daily photo uploads.

In September, Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel said the site was seeing 350 million snaps per day. That volume was up from 200 million recorded in June.