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Get prescription lenses for your Snapchat Spectacles for only $29

You can pop prescription lenses into your Snapchat Spectacles for as low as $29. Don't have a pair yet? Good luck with that.

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The only thing worse than waiting in line for hours to buy a pair of plastic sunglasses that are only notable because they can take Snapchat footage is not being able to see through their lenses because you wear prescription glasses. Not for long, though.

Starting today at, you can buy inexpensive prescription lenses for your Snapchat Spectacles. The website offers a variety of day and night lenses starting at $29 for single vision, including shipping. Other companies are doing something similar, but at much higher prices.

The prescription lenses are shipped to you for you to install.

The selection of lenses available include reflective prescription (like the originals), tinted sunglasses, transition lenses and more.

Instead of shipping your Spectacles frames to the retailer in order to get them installed, you'll receive your customized lenses by mail in 10-12 days with a tutorial on how to safely install them.

To be clear, you can't buy Snapchat Spectacles from, only the prescription lenses to replace the ones that come with your Snap-happy sunglasses. To get a pair of Spectacles you still have to track down the traveling vending machine that sells them. Or buy them on eBay.