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Snapchat from your face, get health advice from Apple (CNET Update)

The next evolution of wearable tech involves sunglasses with video cameras and watches with a doctor's diagnoses. CNET Update explores Snapchat Spectacles and Apple's reported plans for HealthKit.

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Did Snapchat just make camera glasses cool? The popular messaging app will be selling glasses that record point-of-view video clips to share on Snapchat. It's a simple way to take hands-free video (uh oh, GoPro) without any of the annoying screen-above-your-eye complications of Google Glass.

Meanwhile, Apple may be looking to transform the healthcare space in the same way it changed digital music. Bloomberg reports that Apple is trying to evolve its HealthKit app from a tracker to a diagnostic tool. CNET Update explains:

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Snapchat from your face, get health advice from Apple