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Snapchat Discover serves up a Serena Williams tennis game

You can play through all of the female world No. 1's major tournament victories on Snapchat. Watch out for tennis elbow.

Screenshot by Luke Lancaster/CNET

She looked good as ever in the US Open's first round, so it's appropriate that Snapchat is showcasing Serena Williams' 22 major tournament victories.

Snapchat Discover usually makes use of the platform's photo and video sharing to serve up ads, but the ESPN channel has offered up something a little more engaging than the usual multimedia fare with the Serena Williams' Match Point game.

Each of the pro's 22 major tournament wins are showcased with faithfully recreated set dressing (or as close as 8-bit graphics can get you). The game is based around a single tap on the screen to aim your returns left or right and you only need a single point to win each match, so you'll probably blitz through Serena's 15-year career in a couple of minutes.

If you're unable to access the game on Snapchat (as we are in Australia, boo hiss), you can still play it for free on sponsor Gatorade's website.