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Custom Snapchat Stories let you collaborate with friends

Now you can have a group of friends adding snaps to one giant Story.

Custom Stories lets you set a geofence so only people in a certain area can add to the collection.


At a party with friends and want to make anyone not there jealous?

Snapchat's adding a custom Story feature that's probably going to do the trick.

While Snapchat already has a feature called Our Story that lets users contribute to a public story, a custom Story can only be added to and viewed by a specific set of friends.

You can invite friends to add to the story, or friends of friends within a particular area. This second option makes use of a custom geofence that generally covers an area about the size of a block.

Like a regular Story, they'll disappear after 24 hours unless someone adds new content.

Personalized emoji tool Bitmoji (owned by Snap) is also being integrated further into the main Snapchat app. If you've linked both accounts, your Bitmoji will now appear inside your Snapcode. The Snapcode is a QR-like code that lets other Snapchatters add you by scanning the image.

Bitmoji expressions can also be changed within the Settings menu.

Both these features are rolling out to iOS and Android users shortly.

The custom Story feature is the first major update to the Snapchat app since parent company Snap announced its earnings earlier in May. It announced a $2.2 billion loss in its first-quarter earnings as a public company.

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