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Snapchat blames other apps for nude photo leak

The messaging app says it's not responsible for the leaking of thousands of private photos by hackers. Also, Dairy Queen is hit by a credit card data breach, and Microsoft's CEO needs good karma after bad advice.

An estimated 200,000 Snapchat users have had their private photos hacked, but Snapchat is putting the blame on sketchy apps that promise to backup the disappearing snaps. In this CNET Update video, get the details on the nude photo hack nicknamed "The Snappening."

Almost everything can be hacked these days. Not even your Orange Julius is safe. Dairy Queen is the latest company to be hit by hackers, with customer credit and debit card data stolen from nearly 400 stores.

Satya Nadella can't blame his recent blunder on a hack. Microsoft's CEO backpedaled after giving bad advice at a woman's tech conference, telling the audience that women shouldn't ask for raises.

But this Update roundup isn't all depressing news. Watch until the end for a peek at Sony's PlayStation-streaming smartphone and a tablet with a built-in projector:

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Snapchat blames other apps for nude photo leak