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SnapBox expands its high-quality, low-cost photo-printing options

From peel-and-stick posters for less than a dollar to framed canvas prints, the service lets you quickly turn your smartphone pictures (or camera shots, of course) into artwork and the results are fantastic.

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The idea behind it is pretty simple: Give people an easy, affordable way to turn their smartphone or other snapshots into high-quality canvas prints and ship them fast.

That's exactly what SnapBox delivered when it started up back in 2012. This year, though, it has grown its print options to include prints to fine art paper, lustre photo paper, art photo prints and peel-and-stick fabric posters.

The service is an offshoot of Jondo-USA, which specializes in fine art reproductions for galleries and publishers. The prints you'll get from SnapBox use the same facilities and printing technologies that Jondo uses for its fine art prints.


Creating prints is as easy as uploading a photo from your phone or computer or your Facebook or Instagram account. Once you do, you'll get a mock-up of the print viewable in all different print formats.

Print sizes start at 4x4 inches -- ready for reproducing your favorite Instagram pics -- and can go all the way up to 36x54 for canvas prints or 20x30 for the paper and poster prints and you can get them with or without a black or white wood frame.

Prices are very reasonable, too. For example, you can get a 4x4 poster for $0.75 or a framed canvas print of the same size for $12.99. Framed paper prints start at $11.99. Considering how affordable they are, the print quality is fantastic and has made SnapBox one of my go-to services for gifts for friends and family.

If you're interested in checking out some products, today's the day. For Cyber Monday, the site is offering 40 percent off all products as well as free shipping.