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Snap to slice and slide

The Swissmar Multi Slicer offers a fun and easy way to prep food. It features interchangeable blades and slices and julienne sticks quickly and easily.

Prepped food slides where you want it to go.
Prepped food slides where you want it to go. Williams-Sonoma

It may not be polite to play with your food, but when it comes to food prep, that axiom goes out the window. All manner of kitchen gadgets and devices are designed to not only get the job done, but to add a little bit of fun to the kitchen. Conceptually it's not a bad idea; we all have to eat, and to some the kitchen may be a playground, while to others it's a torture chamber. Tools that are fun and easy to use help make it enjoyable for all.

While the Swissmar Multi Slicer may not rival a well-equipped playground (or even just a half-decent playset), the quick and easy usability of the gadget should make for an enjoyable experience for all. The tool features a chute for prepped food to slide down, which offers a dynamic method for creating thinly sliced vegetables or precise julienne vegetable sticks.

The two interchangeable blades snap into place, creating a degree of control that all users can appreciate. Measuring 5.5 inches by 2.5 inches by only 1.5 inches, the little prep tool is well-suited for quick applications. For safety, a gripper keeps fingers away from the blade, allowing for prepped food to slide down the chute with ease. And of course, no kitchen tool is truly fun on any level unless it is dishwasher-safe, as all parts of this gadget are.