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Snap a selfie at one of Google's Fiber murals, win a prize

A Google contest in five Fiber cities has you hunting for murals and sharing the photos on Twitter.


Google Fiber partnered with local artists in Louisville, Kentucky; Nashville, Tennessee; Kansas City, Missouri; Austin, Texas; and San Antonio, Texas, to create murals. Now the Google internet service has developed a contest focused on finding the mural in your respective city, taking a photo of yourself (and the mural) and sharing it on Twitter with the hashtag #TheHuntForFiber. 

Sure, the contest is mainly supposed to spread the word about Google Fiber, but there are prizes involved (and who doesn't like a good prize?). Click here for all of the details and be sure to fill out this form to officially register. The first 25 "valid entries" in each location will win a canvas print (presumably of the mural). The contest began on Dec. 20 and goes through Jan 12. Happy hunting. 

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