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Snakeskin-covered Darth Vader helmet makes for a slithery Sith

Take your Darth Vader costume to the reptilian side with a creepy custom helmet decorated in black python skin.

Now with extra-creep.


Darth Vader is a character ripe for cosplay remixes, like this steampunk Victorian-inspired Vader dress or this samurai armor version that mashes up sci-fi and feudal Japan. Looking for something a little more slinky, scaley and slithery? New York designer Elemnt has a one-off python skin Darth Vader helmet for a mere $3,000 (about £2,045, AU$3,935).

The helmet is crafted starting with an actual limited-edition Disney cosplay piece based on an original mold used for the movies. Elemnt added the python skin and a small gold badge on the back. As if Darth Vader wasn't already imposing enough, the black scales really ramp up the fear-factor look.

Elemnt doesn't just do Sith-y stuff. The company also offers a stingray iPhone case and an adhesive slice of marble to stick on your MacBook. If stepping this far outside the Star Wars costuming box isn't for you, you can just buy yourself a more classic costume complete with helmet ventilation and a codpiece. You can always add your own exotic touch later, perhaps by hot-melt-gluing some fake fur all over it.