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Watch snakes turn a swimming pool into a fight ring

Snakes in a swimming pool! Two male pythons battle over a female snake in a woman's backyard in Australia.

For most of us, backyard pests usually mean raccoons rummaging through trash cans or scared skunks. Then there's Fiona Sheen. Her backyard in Queensland, Australia, has been invaded for weeks by two male pythons wrestling each other over a female snake waiting patiently nearby.

In fact, it was the smaller python attacking the bigger python that led to the ongoing slithery smackdown. Sheen has recorded and posted 13 YouTube videos, filmed from September 27 to October 6, of the snakes fighting in her pool, on her patio and in her barbecue area.

The videos show the snakes intertwined in the kind of behavior typical during mating season. The constant fighting isn't to kill one another, but to show off which snake is the strongest, and thus most worthy, to mate with the female.

Notable is Sheen's constant video commentary, which reveals how calm she is despite two pythons taking over her backyard in the name of love.

"We have often had the odd python come through our garden over the years, but this is the first time we've had three at once," Sheen told Buzzfeed. "We love the nature that comes into our gardens, from birds to lizards to pythons."