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This snake looks like it's wearing sunglasses and a mustache

Meet the most hipster of all snakes, a slithery Texas resident with markings that look like shades and a villainous mustache.

Somewhere in Texas, a new legend has been born.

This is the story of a Western rat snake that's too cool for school. The slithery critter wears some unusual markings that look a lot like a pair of sunglasses and the type of thin, pointy mustache you'd see on Vincent Price or Gomez Addams.

The Texas State Parks Twitter account shared the funny snake image last week with a thank you to photographer Karlie Gray. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department couldn't resist throwing out a couple puns: "We mustache you to #lookclose - have you ever seen a snake with sunglasses?!" The Houston Chronicle knows what to call this: "hipster."

Western rat snakes aren't venomous, and they kill their prey by wrapping around and constricting them. This particular rat snake probably also enjoys artisanal third-wave coffee, raw denim and boutique mustache wax. Or maybe it just likes to snack on chipmunks.