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Snake gets stuck in a loop of its own shed skin

A befuddled snake shed its skin in a most unusual way resulting in a modern-day version of the mythological Ouroboros, the serpent that eats its own tail.

Meet the Sisyphus of the snake world. A Stimson's python in residence at the Alice Springs Reptile Centre in Australia shed its skin, which isn't unusual. What's strange is that this particular snake got caught inside an endless loop of its own dried skin. The reptile sanctuary shared a video on Facebook last week showing the python circling within the loop.

If you don't care for snakes, then you might not enjoy the nightmare vision of the skin subtly writhing as the python makes its way along the track. If you like snakes, then you will find the video fascinating. You can check out some extended footage on YouTube. "It actually looks like a steering wheel. Have been in the reptile business a long time and have never seen anything quite like it," the staff commented.

The reptile center kept an eye on the snake, which finally broke free after a few hours trapped inside the circle. The skin doughnut remained intact except for a small exit hole on the side where the python made its escape. The staff notes that healthy snakes normally shed their skins in one big piece, but that the circular shed left behind by the python is an extraordinary occurrence.

(Via Mashable)