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Snag a limited edition ColorWare MacBook camouflaged to look like an old Apple IIe

ColorWare made only 10 of these 12-inch Apple MacBooks custom-designed to look like the original Apple IIe from the 1980s.

Serious vintage vibes on this custom MacBook series by ColorWare.

Serious vintage vibes on this custom MacBook series by ColorWare.


ColorWare, the company with a history of tricking out popular electronics in custom colors and patterns, has gone back in time and brought back the design of the Apple IIe, at least in spirit. The company is offering a limited edition 12-inch Macbook with a custom skin that pays homage to the 1980s retro computer console.

The basis for the Apple MacBook Retro is the high-end 2016 model MacBook tricked out with a 1.3GHz dual-core Intel Core m7 chip, 8GB of SDRAM and 512GB of flash storage. But instead of the standard silver, space gray, and rose gold options, ColorWare opens a big bucket of nostalgia and dips the whole thing in putty-colored paint.

The machine even has the familiar side vents that guided airflow in and out of the original IIe, though their function is purely cosmetic here. Finally, no retro Apple conversion would be complete without the illuminated rainbow logo on the front.

Now for the hard part. ColorWare made only 10 of these MacBook Retros and the cost to own one is a healthy $2,999 (about £2,067 in the UK and $4,010 in Australia) -- just to give you perspective, with that amount you could buy the top of the line 15-inch MacBook Pro or just get two of the laptop configurations that Dan Ackerman used in his CNET review.