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SMS in Gmail gets two-week delay

Gmail's chat-to-SMS feature is getting pulled back by a couple weeks for the Gmail team to fix a showstopper bug that kept it from working properly.

If you were raring to play around with the new send-to-SMS chat feature in Gmail Labs, you'll have to wait a little longer.

On Friday, one of Gmail's product managers, Leo Dirac, posted on the official Gmail blog that a last-minute glitch has resulted in the feature being pulled back for further testing. The glitch, which Dirac says should take about two weeks to fix, would keep the two-way communication feature from turning on all the way, keeping replies from making it back to you.

When the process is working properly you're able to send SMS contacts a message just like you would if they were online. The system would also keep their responses in the same chat window, making it a simple resource for staying in touch even when you or your contacts are not online at the same time.