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Smoking Gun aims low

A new Web site called The Smoking Gun feeds the seemingly insatiable appetite for the bizarre.

To feed the seemingly insatiable Internet appetite for the bizarre, The Smoking Gun was opened today to provide public access to material such as the arrest report of baseball star Albert Belle and the autopsy report of JonBenet Ramsay.

The Smoking Gun appears to be aimed at capitalizing on the Internet's reputation as a haven for "counter-culture," or some say just plain lurid, information. But the site exhibits a rather limited archive, highlighted by 76 pages of Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano's FBI debriefings.

The editors of the Smoking Gun guarantee that everything posted to the site is authentic--or, in their words, a "Pierre Salinger-free zone." Headlines will include "Howard Stern Exposed," "Trump: Friend of the FBI," and "Steinbrenner: The Itch to Snitch."