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Smokin' hot at home

You can smoke the perfect flavors into meat, fish, or poultry with the Smokin Tex Hot-or-Cold Smoker.

The Smokin Tex Hot-or-Cold Smoker Sur la Table
There's something about smoked meat, something delicious. With the Smokin Tex Hot-or-Cold Smoker, you can take your smoking skills to the next step. The smoker is easy to use: just place a few ounces of wood chips in the smoker box, set the temperature and close the door. Plus, it allows you a versatility you may not find in other smokers. The Smokin Tex Hot-or-Cold Smoker can handle up to 38 pounds of meat, fish, or poultry at a time, and with the cold smoke option, you can add a little flavor to cheese or pasta quickly. Whatever you choose to smoke, you can add amazing flavors while keeping your food tender.

The Smokin Tex Hot-or-Cold Smoker relies on a 350-watt element and measures 14.75 inches tall by 18.75 inches long by 21.25 inches deep. It comes with three stainless steel racks, a drip tray, wheels to make it easier to move, a cookbook, and enough wood to get you started. You can use a variety of wood chips and each with produce a different flavor. The smoker is available for $799.95.