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Star Trek's Enterprise voyages from Smithsonian's basement to main floor

The model of the USS Enterprise, in the Smithsonian's collection since 1974, is getting restored and given a more prominent spot in the National Air and Space Museum.

Set course for the atrium!

The Smithsonian

Set phasers to "awesome!"

"Star Trek" was a TV series about boldly going "where no man has gone before," but a model of its titular spaceship has been stuck in the basement gift shop of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum since it was donated in 1974. That's changing Tuesday, when the ship will warp up to the main atrium, complete with a restored paint job.

"It's been brought into the light because, over time, its historical significance has grown," museum conservator Malcolm Collum told the Washington Post in one of the great understatements of the 21st century.

"Star Trek" has had an immeasurable impact on science and space exploration since it arrived on the air in 1966. Not only has it spawned books, movies, video games and seven spinoff shows (the latest of which is set to premiere on CNET parent CBS next year), but it's also inspired the design of key technologies like mobile phones, tablets and voice-activated computers.

The move comes just in time for the museum's 40th anniversary on July 1.