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Smeg and Marc Newson bring color back to the kitchen

Smeg recently announced their new concept ovens and cooktops designed by Marc Newson.

In the '70s it was hip to decorate your kitchen in colors that would otherwise blind a normal human being. You couldn't go into a kitchen that didn't have chartreuse, guacamole, or squash yellow ovens and refrigerators. In today's sleek modern world, we've leaned more toward the stainless steel brushed look that makes our kitchens seem cold and lifeless. Designer Marc Newson wants that to change.

Marc Newson's colorful ovens Retro to Go

At the recent EuroCucina kitchen appliance and design show in Milan, Smeg debuted its new line of high-end ovens and cooktops designed by minimalist designer Marc Newson. Known for his biomorphism style and his beautiful ergonomic designs, Newson is the first non-Italian designer to work with the company and is also designing a line of refrigerators for Smeg as well.

In an interview with the Web site DomusWeb, Newson said what he identified with in the design "is the fact that there are a lot of things that relate to the past, materials and finishes you don't see that often in these kinds of appliances on the market. Also colored appliances, but more importantly than the color is the enamel, it's not paint. Enamel is part of the core business and history of Smeg."

Along with a range of funky colors including pale blue, bright orange, off white, and black, the ovens also appear to utilize a touch screen with a digital readout for temperature and time.

Unfortunately, according to a spokesperson for Omega Appliances, the ovens and cooktops are still prototypes and won't be available worldwide until the second half of next year.