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Smash guitar is made to be destroyed

K's Japan is selling an electric guitar that would make Pete Townshend proud. The Smash guitar is designed to be destroyed with "a beautiful smashing sound."

K's Japan

Recession got you down? Feel like destroying something? How about rocking out with a few power chords, and then destroying something? Well, the Smash guitar is for you.

The Smash is a real electric guitar designed to break apart into bits and pieces so you can impress audiences with your wanton destructiveness. Maker K's Japan says Smash has a "Special Empty Body" so it's light and easy to hurl and creates "a beautiful smashing sound" on impact. Hear the beauty right here.

Styled somewhat like a Telecaster, the Smash has a maple neck, a rosewood fretboard, dual pickups, and electronics concentrated in the center of the body to minimize dangerous trajectories.

"The guitar will smash with less power than using a normal guitar," the manufacturer declares, bizarrely adding, "It is not created for the purpose of smashing."

But since it's priced at only $55, Smash is clearly good for only one thing--bringing out your inner Hendrix.

Ex-Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman, a TV personality in Japan, has hailed the Smash as a "genius" idea. He's not alone--the disposable axe has sold out on Amazon Japan.

For an extra fee, K's will reassemble smashed Smashes and send them back to their owners. For more destruction.

Thrashers can also donate pieces of the Smash to K's and it will make new guitars out of them and give them to orphanages in the Philippines. Thus fostering a generation of guitar-smashing Filipinos. Yeah!

Here are briny rockers Gyoko tearing it up with a Smash and a head of tuna:

(Via Gigazine)