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Samsung's SmartThings snatches Amazon's director of engineering

After nearly five years at Amazon, Robert Parker has joined Samsung's smart home platform at a critical time as senior vice president of engineering.

Amazon's Echo smart, voice-controlled speaker works with the SmartThings Hub.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Robert Parker, Amazon's director of engineering, has joined Samsung's SmartThings smart home team.

In Parker's new job as senior vice president of engineering, which SmartThings confirmed Monday to CNET, he is overseeing software and hardware development for connected homes. Parker stands to help the platform clean house following months of glitches that have left many users and developers disgruntled.

The news comes just days ahead of Samsung's Developers Conference, where SmartThings is expected to play a central role.

Parker worked nearly five years at Amazon. Before that, according to his LinkedIn page, Parker spent 18 years as a general manager at Microsoft.

"Having something that really works is critical," Parker told The Verge. "That's one of the things that working at Amazon, I carry to SmartThings."

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.