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Smartfish mouse pad zips into mouse storage taco

Seemingly inspired by the look of a taco, the Smartfish Mouse Pad Travel Pouch works as both a mouse pad and a zip-up travel storage case.

Smartfish Mouse Pad Travel Pouch
I would like a mouse pad bell grande, por favor. Smartfish

Not everybody has fingers glued to a touch screen these days. Some folks still like to travel with a portable mouse for a satisfyingly retro computing experience.

Mouse lovers are often faced with the challenge of finding an appropriate mousing surface when on the go. Knees and gunky coffeehouse tables don't offer an optimum experience, and it's times like those when you want your own mouse pad with you.

The Smartfish Mouse Pad Travel Pouch is an overachiever. It pulls double duty as a mouse pad and a zip-up storage compartment.

The 9-inch padded neoprene surface is easy on your mouse while it's in use and protects small gadgets and accessories in its spare time. It looks a lot like a taco when it's closed, except that this taco can be packed with a scrumptious filling of electronics.

A small snap handle opens up to attach it to your briefcase, or you can just shove it in with the rest of the gear in your laptop bag.

The Mouse Pad Travel Pouch will cost you $14.95 and comes in either black or blue.