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SmartDisk expands hard-drive line

The disk drive maker has unveiled three palm-sized portable hard drives.

Disk drive maker SmartDisk on Wednesday unveiled three palm-sized portable hard drives. The FireWire 800 FireLite 80GB, FireWire FireLite 100GB and USB FireLite 100GB weigh just six ounces each and do not require a driver for installation on PC or Mac machines. They can be used to back up data, transfer large files between home and office, or store video and graphics files. The drives range from about $330 to about $360 in price and are available now .

Portable storage devices and small disk drives have been catching on, as consumers look to transport digital files and as they adopt a range of devices, from cell phones to music players, that hold vast quantities of information. The mechanical drives face competition from flash memory, a storage technology based on semiconductors.