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Smart water bottle alerts you when it's time to hydrate

The BluFit on Indiegogo is a water bottle with a brain and its own app aimed at keeping people well hydrated.

BluFit water botle
The BluFit is trying to make it into production via Indiegogo. Oleo Apps

We can't all have a personal trainer standing over us at all times reminding us to stay hydrated during exercise. If the BluFit smart water bottle reaches its Indiegogo funding goal, then we might all have an app-powered hydration expert keeping us full of water.

The BluFit consists of an LED-equipped water bottle and an app for Android and iOS devices that support Bluetooth LE (also known as Bluetooth Smart). The hardware is built into the glass bottle's lid. There is a water sensor, USB port, rechargeable battery, and speaker.

The app is personalized with your weight, age, and environmental details, and gives recommendations for hydration goals. It then tracks your hydration and alerts you when it's time to drink up. You can view your hydration history and customize the alerts from your water bottle.

The Indiegogo fixed-funding campaign is aiming to raise a hefty $150,000 for the smart water bottles. The BluFit bottle is going for a $59 pledge.

This isn't the first smart water bottle concept and prototype ever created. Cambridge Cosultants took a stab at it a few years ago, but we're still waiting for the first high-tech bottle to hit the market. The BluFit has a chance at achieving that if crowdfunders show enough interest.