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Smart TV

George Schweitzer's thoughts from the recent New TeeVeeLive conference about the future of connected television.

The talk at the recent New TeeVeeLive conference I attended in San Francisco was about connected television, specifically Internet-connected and Internet-delivered video and data to the home TV screen.

Video is now the main driver of the Net. Choice and control--those "c's" again--reigned supreme in almost everyone's talk. See the highlights from this excellent conference.

By the way, Om Malik who runs GigaOM, and who ran the conference, did a terrific job. The sessions were 20 minutes each, which was great for those of us with short attention spans. There also were questions and answers from the very able reporters on the GigaOm staff, so we got the meat, and not the fluff or hype or pitch. Well done!

Here is some insight I gathered during the conference:

  • Choice reigns, but fragmentation is pervasive.

  • A stat I loved: It would take 200,000 years to watch the amount of video that crossed the Internet last month.

  • Think of the concept of the smart TV. Like the cell phone, first all it did was make calls, now it's a PDA, GPS, computer, camera, and music player. Smart TVs will develop a lot like that.

I can't wait. That's why at CBS we are working with companies like Intel, Cisco, Samsung, Vizio, Sony, and more. We agree connected TV is going to play a big role in the evolution of the home screen.

Remember, it's not about what companies build, but how viewers at home watch. What the ultimate user experience is will determine what gets the most play. These are exciting issues, scary times.