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Smart TV Alliance welcomes new members

The Smart TV alliance had added new members, including Qualcomm, to its roster.

The Smart TV Alliance today announced a handful of new members have joined the organisation.

The alliance aims to bring together players in the smart TV electronics industry to create a common approach to tech, in order to help developers build apps that can run on any smart TV set, regardless of platform. LG Electronics and TP Vision founded the organization, and Toshiba joined shortly after the alliance's launch in June.

The group announced today that Qualcomm and MStar have joined -- adding expertise in smart television hardware -- while web browser provider and app maker Obigo contributes a developer's perspective. In addition, video advertising software and services provider YuMe is expected to bring marketing knowledge to the table.


Richard Choi of LG Electronics, President of the Smart TV Alliance, said in a statement:

"The expanding membership of the Smart TV Alliance is clear indication that these companies recognize the value of this Alliance. This is an industry coming together to solve a common problem, which has clear benefits for the consumer. The diversity of the Smart TV Alliance is reassuring because it shows that this is an industry movement, not just an initiative from TV manufacturers."

The Smart TV Alliance will release the specs for version 2.0 of its free software development kit (SDK), and the SDK tool itself, by the end of the year, the organization said.